Product Designer,

Instructional Designer


Design team, working in collaboration with Educators, Developers, Child Privacy Experts, and Content Writers


6 months

How do you design an app that educates students about healthy habits, but in a way that they want to actually use it?


I started by doing the User Research and Market Research to determine what we needed to do in order to create a successful product. The biggest barrier was that most people who download EdTech apps don't use it. This meant that not only do we want to draw in new users, but we want to create incentives to maintain user retention and engagement.

As part of the Design Team, we brainstormed several different ideas on how to structure the app. Ideally, we wanted to gamify the activities by taking inspiration from the most popular apps I researched at the time, which included Candy Crush and Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, we were unable to create the app that we wanted due to external constraints, but we were able to decide on the following framework:

user flow

Users will complete an activity in order to get a badge. Once users gain at least six badges, they will become a Champion, which gives them access to exclusive content. We want to rely on our partnership with the NFL to create incentives that would excite our users and encourage them to participate.

Student Privacy

image of KidAware badge

Students under 13 need parental permission in order to have access to an app to avoid million dollar lawsuits. While the company used the services of PRIVO, an organization that specializes in children's online privacy protection laws, I completed a KidAware certificate to understand the basics of child privacy laws in the US and UK, which includes COPPA guidelines.

User Profiles

Here are the three types of users currently using this app that we need to accomodate:

image of student



  • Complete activities in the app and win badges
  • Learn new skills about healthy habits and how to integrate that into their day to day life
  • Achieve Champion status after getting at least 6 badges, which grants users the ability to get exclusive content


  • Getting used to a new app that is completely different from the old one
  • Figuring out how to get Parent Permission if they are under the age of 13
image of teacher



  • See what curriculum is available in the app to see what they can integrate onto their classroom
  • See what students can learn through the app and if they should implement this onto their classroom
  • Bolster existing curriculum with what is available in the app


  • Unable to track student progress, as there is no educator dashboard
  • Difficult to measure student progress based on activity completion alone
image of parent



  • See what materials their children are learning from the app
  • Navigate the app to understand how it works and how to help their children if needed
  • Participate in bonding activities with their child to complete certain activities


  • Going through PRIVO’s Parent Approval process if their child is under 13
  • Inability to check their child’s progress

User Flow

Based on the research and the concerns outlined in the user profiles, I created a user flow that walks through the log-in and sign-up process needed to ensure student privacy and safety. The blue lock represents content that is blocked to the user if they are under 13 and do not have permission from their parent.

image of old sitemap


I created the low-fidelity and mid-fidelity mockups for the app, as well as some concept designs on some of the features we want to implement. Because I was involved in the curriculum building, I was able to easily build it into the app framework. During this process, I led brainstorming sessions with other educators and team members to ensure we included quality educational content.

Design Update

I worked with the Visual Designer to redesign the app. While I focused on the UX, he expanded the blue and green color scheme in order to include brighter colors and textures to make the app fun and engaging. Here is an example of the changes we made with the old design:

image app before update image of app after update

Final Product

We created the app while working with developers and Buildfire. Here are some images from our final product:

image of high fidelity screenshots


The app was published Apple Play and Google Play for students to download and enjoyed a sharp increase in new user sign-ups. Classrooms in New Jersey implemented this app to teach nutrition and other healthy habits to their students. Future design changes plan to use NFL player images and incorporate special events such as the Superbowl to give our users incentive to return to the app and continue to use it.