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The Student Zone App is backed by the NFL and the National Dairy Council through Fuel Up to Play 60, a national organization geared towards empowering students through youth wellness programs. The goal of the app is to teach students healthy habits in the following six categories: Food as Fuel, Play: 60, Leadership, Mind & Body, Planet, and Community. The old app was in need of a serious overhaul, and I helped with the designing, prototyping, and curriculum development.

Disclaimer: None of the materials are my property and all rights remain with CustomED and its partners.



Create an app for student wellness to teach them healthy habits, with an emphasis on dairy


  • Improve the visual design of the app
  • Create activities for each of the six categories
  • Design a friendlier user experience with a brand new interface


  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Instructional Designer


6 months


  • Figma
  • Buildfire



Confidential things I worked on for this app:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brainstorming Process
  • Low Fidelity Wireframe
  • Mid Fidelity Wireframe
  • A | B Testing
  • Games & Activities
  • Future Direction of App

Other features I worked on for this app:

  • Curriculum development for activities and reflection questions in the app, which needs to be reviewed before getting published
  • Ensuring that activities are compliant with COPPA guidelines, which respects child privacy laws
  • Technical Writing portion, including the written instructions on how people can sign up for the app using PRIVO
  • Designed the features of the app that will be implemented in the future


As part of the creative team, we went through several different ideas on how to structure the app, and ultimately decided on the following structure: users will start by choosing a section containing a topic they want to complete. After reading a short introduction teaching them about the basics surrounding the topic, they will be given three activities. They will choose one to complete, after which they will answer a reflection question. Once they finish that, they will earn a badge.

Once users gain at least six badges, they will become a Champion, which gives them access to exclusive content. I participated in the ideation sessions there about the future direction that the Champions section can take.

basic user flow: introduction to
          activities to reflection to getting a badge


Students under 13 need parental permission in order to have access to an app to avoid lawsuits. While the company used the services of PRIVO, an organization that specializes in children's online privacy protection laws, I completed a KidAware certificate to understand the basics of child privacy laws in the US and UK, which includes COPPA guidelines.



young child




student's guardian


  • Complete activities in the app and win badges
  • Learn new skills about healthy habits and how to integrate that into their day to day life
  • Achieve Champion status after getting at least 6 badges, which grants users the ability to get exclusive content


  • See what curriculum is available in the app to see what they can integrate onto their classroom
  • See what students can learn through the app and if they should implement this onto their classroom
  • Bolster existing curriculum with what is available in the app


  • See what materials their students are learning from the app
  • Navigate the app themselves to understand how it works and how to help their children if needed
  • Participate in family bonding activities with their child to complete certain activities


  • Getting used to a new app that is completely different from the old one
  • Figuring out how to get Parent Permission if they are under the age of 13


  • Unable to track student progress, as there is no educator dashboard
  • Difficult to measure student progress based on activity completion alone


  • Going through PRIVO’s Parent Approval process if their child is under 13
  • If the parent wants to keep up with their child’s progress, they won’t be able to do it through the app alone


We created the high fidelity wireframes through the Buildfire app builder. I worked with the Graphic Designer, who created the visuals to pair the UI | UX for the Student Zone app.

Six categories found in the app

screenshot of Student Zone app categories

Activity tracks in a single category

screenshot of Student Zone app tracks

Activities available in a single track

screenshot of Student Zone activities


The final prototype is available in the current iteration of the app, which is available in Apple Play and Google Play. Users can also access the desktop version of the Student Zone, which is included here: