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Pelzel’s Auto, LLC is an auto mechanic shop based in Yakima, Washington. The owner, Clint Isaacson, needed a website to clarify the business’ location and specify services offered to potential customers.



The client wants a website with a list of services to increase business so people came come in to get the service that they need. While he does have social media for his businesses, they are all dated in some way. He will need to update everything so that he doesn’t lose customers.


  • Research necessary components needed for the website to succeed with its intended audience
  • Create a theme for the website; write the content and design the style guide accordingly
  • Code a static website using HTML, CSS, & Javascript


  • UX Researcher
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter


1 month


  • Figma
  • Content Writer
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript



It’s difficult to run a competitive analysis. It turns out most auto mechanics do not use websites, and those that do exist are poorly designed. There are websites for chains that have multiple locations, but they do not work well for the client’s situation. This could be because it appears that the best way to find a local mechanic is through sites like Yelp or Google Maps. For websites that do exist, however, there is some consistency. For instance, the phone number and location is prominently featured, as well as a list of service most people would need.


The client’s auto shop is family-owned and located in a small town in Washington. While his lack of interest in technology could be seen as a downside, I decided to lean into this and design his website with an old-fashioned, vintage look and adopt a no-nonsense language that conveyed small-town friendliness. The style guide and visual design supports this branding, as does the 1970 Chevy Chevelle in the header image. For the content, I put a strong emphasis on integrity and honesty. I also highlighted his ties to the town (for instance, his upbringing and college education all happened in that area) to indicate that he has community support as a local businessman.


I received all the content that the client wanted to share and edited them so as to reflect the appropriate tone for the website. I also made sure to include redundancies on the client’s phone number so that the users know how to contact him for services.


Welcome to Pelzel’s Auto Repair. Here at Pelzel’s Auto Repair, LLC, we provide a full automotive repair service for cars, trucks and RV’s. Founded sixty years ago, our dedicated team has been servicing the Yakima Valley and beyond. Our customers come from all over the state. Some drive 200 plus miles to have their cars examined by us. We value honesty and integrity. Our mission is to provide highest quality work and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Founded sixty years ago at Yakima Valley, Pelzel's Auto Repair, LLC is a family-run shop providing full automotive repair services for cars, trucks, and RV’s. Our commitment to honesty and integrity motivates us to provide the highest quality work, and we are proud to have been voted Best Auto Repair Shop in 2011 by our community. We prioritize customer satisfaction, with our friendly staff here to provide a stress-free experience for you. Call us at ###-###-#### and we can answer your questions and concerns about your vehicle.


style guide


style guide


I coded the website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. While the website could be more sophisticated if it was made with React, the scrappy nature of how this site was coded also suites the theme of this business.