Game Growers

Educational Program

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Nike’s Game Growers program was made to encourage girls, who are underrepresented in sports, to get involved in physical activities. Through a partnership with the NBA and WNBA, girls in the 7th or 8th grade team up in pairs and apply to the program presenting their idea of how to encourage their peers to get active.

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Create activities for Nike Game Growers co-captains to help them bond with their fellow peers in a virtual camp


  • Create the activities that will take place in the Game Growers virtual camp
  • Brainstorm and write the instructions for the Game Growers Missions, which will help the co-captains bring their ideas to life


Instructional Designer


5 months


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Zoom



Confidential things I worked on for this program:

  • Games & Activities
  • Activities testing
  • Ideation & Brainstorm
  • Creative Team Meetings
  • Backup at Virtual Camp
  • Game Growers 2022

Other things I worked on for this program:

  • Create activities for the program that will help girls develop their Game Growers idea, and test it out with the team before launching them
  • Host ideation sessions and Q&A’s to make sure girls know what to do when creating their projects
  • Emails, including rejection letters, acceptance emails, instructions for the next missions, office hour notes, and reminders about activity deadlines
  • Help create surveys asking Game Growers co-captains for feedback
  • Organize co-captains into teams & rosters for breakout room sessions
  • Organize data about the co-captains into spreadsheets to use for future activities and giveaways