Image of CustomED website on desktop and mobile


This website is for CustomED, an education nonprofit from New Jersey. Their previous website was based on WordPress, but they needed to switch over to Wix while reorganizing the website content. I helped with designing, prototyping, and developing the UI.

Disclaimer: None of the materials are my property and all rights remain with CustomED and its partners.



Create a website with a new design for CustomED


  • Clean up the clutter on the website
  • Develop user personas, user flows, sitemaps, low fidelity mockups, etc.
  • Work with Creative Team to make website more visually appealing


UX Designer

UI Designer


3 months


  • WIX
  • Figma



Confidential things I worked on for this website:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Persona
  • Ideation & Brainstorm
  • User Testing
  • A | B Testing
  • Next Steps of Website

Other features I worked on for this app:

  • Design user flow and wireframes to map out the Portfolio piece that will be used to showcase past projects
  • Create a list of services offered by the company
  • Include a contact form that makes it easier for people visiting the website to contact the staff with specific requests
  • Organize website pages into relevant categories to create a more intuitive navigation bar
  • Transfer relevant Blog contents from the old website to the new website
  • Update graphics to suit current design trends
  • Create a portfolio section showcasing past projects as well as a section for selling off-to-shelf products.


The previous website needed to be more intuitive and have a better organized navigation bar. More importantly, it needed a portfolio section showcasing past projects as well as a section for selling off-to-shelf products.

During the ideation phase, I reordered the web pages in the navigation bar. I also created a user flow to make the portfolio section easy to use, implementing pop up functions so the website users can get to their goal with less steps. I also helped with the ideation process for the off-to-shelf products and how to include them in the final version of the website.


The ideation process included several people discussing the information architecture through the sitemap. This is one of the latest versions used to determine the website format:

fullsize image of mid fidelity wireframes


Based on updated information architecture and the content we want to prioritize on the website, I made a rough outline on what the website could look like:

fullsize image of low fidelity wireframes


After getting a sense of how the information should be organized, I started to look at the visuals and how the web pages could be designed. In this image, I am going through several different iterations on what the format of the portfolio pages could look like:

fullsize image of low fidelity wireframes


We transferred the updated copy for the website to the new Wix page, as well as updated pictures and graphics for the website. The new website is available here: